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nut plate

STROCO Manufacturing, Inc. is listed on the Qualified Products List (QPL) for the SAE-AS85049/94, /95, /96 (M85049/94, /95, /96 or MIL-C-85049/94, /95, /96) specification. Stroco also manufactures to the MIL-C-85528/1, /2, and /3 (M85528/1, /2, and /3) requirements.

All M85049 and M85528 parts purchased from Stroco will be dual certified to both specifications.

The M85528/1, /2, and /3 specifications have been cancelled and superseded by the SAE- AS85049/94, /95, /96 (M85049/94, /95, /96) specifications, respectively. Documents regarding cancellation are on file at STROCO Manufacturing and are available upon request.

The SAE- AS85049/94, /95, /96 specifications (M85049/94, /95, /96) are qualified products list (QPL) designated drawings. Only qualified suppliers are authorized to manufacture the M85049/94, /95, and /96 series of products. STROCO Manufacturing is listed on the QPL and copies of qualification are available upon request. All STROCO M85049 parts will be additionally certified to the respective M85528 parts. If you prefer to have a commercial alternative to the M85049 specification, please reference the S921, S922, and S933 series of STROCO Manufacturing Nut Plates.

STROCO manufactures nut plates that come in all shapes and sizes. If you do not see a part that meets the needs of your application, contact our engineers and they will work with you to develop a solution.

The nut plate was invented in 1960 by STROCO Manufacturing Inc. to facilitate a quick means for mounting electrical connectors and other components in confined areas of panels and bulkheads. Working in such tight areas led to dropped parts and long installation times. The STROCO nut plate eliminates loose nuts and washers thus saving installation time. With one screw started from the outside of the panel, the other three nuts in the plate automatically self align with the mounting holes. The nut plate mounts from the blind side of the panel, eliminating the need for wrenches or nut drivers, thereby allowing for closer positioning of the connectors in the design.

The self-locking nuts are pressed into the nut plate, eliminating the problem of dropping or losing hardware behind panels and cable harnesses during installation. When installed on a cable assembly, the STROCO nut plate becomes a captive part eliminating loose pieces, adding stability, and saving valuable time!

Please contact us with your requirements or any questions you may have.

Data Sheets

Flange Type Connector Nut Plate

M85528/1: See M85049/94
M85528/2: See M85049/95
M85528/2B: See M85049/95B
M85528/3: See M85049/96

Connector Reference


Ordering Information/ Description

Ordering Information/ Descriptions

D-Sub Connector Nut Plate


ARINC Connector Nut Plate

S701 ARINC 400- 2 Gang Complete
S610-01 ARINC 600- Size 1 Single Side
S603 ARINC 600- Size 2 Complete
S630-01 ARINC 600- Size 3 Single Side

Motorsports Connector Nut Plate


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