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Terminal Boards


terminal strip

The terminal strip was developed in 1971 as an effective way to create a common grounding point while fixing the problem of fastening studs and pins directly to a bulkhead. The STROCO terminal strip comes in many styles and sizes to meet all of your applications. We manufacture variations of terminal strips that include the use of quality fasteners, pin terminals per MIL-T-55155, studs, and many others.

Please contact us with your requirements or any questions you may have.

Data Sheets


102 to 110 w/ Pilot Holes

1102 to 1110 w/o Pilot Holes

103A to 110A A Type

102B B Type

202L to 210L Left Flange

202R to 210R Right Flange

303 to 310 w/ Pilot Holes

1303 to 1310 w/o Pilot Holes

S204 Solder Turrets

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