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STROCO Testimonials


“If I said it once, I’ve said it and heard it a thousand times. I wish I would have found “STROCO” when I was younger. This company is amazing! Kris’s grandfather would be so proud of him and Keri. Their dedication to quality parts for their customers is at the top of the list.”

Gail W., Shipping/Receiving Representative

“Being a young professional in the workforce has always been a disadvantage for me. I have only had positions with little room for growth and entered the role on the bottom rung.
Since starting at STROCO, I have grown into a role with what seems to be a limitless opportunity. I’ve never been given the chance to prove myself as an asset to a company until I came to work for Kris and Keri.
When you come to work each day, you are filled with pride because you know you are working together with your best friends and co-workers to accomplish something amazing! Testify, girl!”
Lindsey M., Vendor Relations Representative

“Being a STROCO Team Member has impacted my life in many ways. While working at STROCO I have set higher goals for myself. It has helped me ensure a pride in myself and my work ethic that I have never had before. Here at STROCO, we all strive to do our best and produce products that will reflect our talents and abilities. I find myself always looking to learn more about my job and the company.
I love the family atmosphere, where you can be who you are. You can be rewarded for a job well done or reprimanded for mistakes and still learn from it. I love working for a company where I am an individual and not just a number on a wall. The co-workers and supervisors here at Stroco are the best. I am proud to be a part of the team.”
Deborah H., Assembly

“Being a STROCOnian member has enriched my life both personally and professionally in many ways. My confidence in myself has grown by being responsible for my actions and actions of others and being let known by my supervisors that they trust me and my decisions. I feel very proud to be a part of Kris and Keri’s dream and goals and feel that everyone here cares about the “big picture” and not “just their job”. I believe this is instilled in us by the daily example of morals, fairness, intelligence, drive and commitment that Kris and Keri display and share every day. Who couldn’t truly care when given such an opportunity? This is the biggest thing that keeps me here. I know that in my heart if I care and continue to want to learn, I will be rewarded with more opportunity to improve myself. That in turn sets the uniqueness of STROCO – we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. STROCO meets and exceeds any expectations that I could ever dream to be a part of, and I am thankful for STROCO to be a part of my journey in life, best road I have been on. Now I am crying and smiling at the same time?.”
Lora S., Assembly

“STROCO has taught me to look at what I bring to the table…the positives and the negatives, and then given me the room and the tools to use the positives and eliminate or reduce the impact of the negatives.
I think I take something positive away from everyone I work with; Kris has shown me many things that I use daily: a mistake is not failure, it’s a place of growth…a prioritized list leads to forward motion, etc….Keri has shown me that I can let go of things…Jared has shown me that there are still people who want to quietly build great products…Dennis shows me that a great attitude and a quiet demeanor can go hand in hand…Aaron shows me that a youthful mindset isn’t bad…Randy shows me that I’m a critical cog when I’m not seeing it…Lindsey has helped me to say what I’m thinking and feeling instead of burying it and hoping things work out.
STROCO is unique in the fact that “it” wants each member of the team to grow and never be stuck (because standing still is going backwards…right Kris?)
Ronald C., Quality Control

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