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Receptacle Strips


receptacle strips

Our receptacle strips are designed as an efficient means of mounting removable panels with quarter turn fasteners. The receptacle strips are manufactured using aluminum alloy staked with a stainless steel wire and are easily installed using rivets or other fasteners. The removable stud panels are mounted on the receptacle strips standard .375" hole centers by pushing the panel mounted fastener through the receptacle hole and engaging the staked wire. Please contact us with your requirements or any questions you may have.

The length of a receptacle strip is determined by the number of .242" holes desired in the strip. The proper format for the length callout is a 3 digit number that includes 0's as place holders if a double or single digit length is desired. The number of receptacle holes contained in common lengths are as follows: 10ft = 320 holes, 9ft = 288 holes, 7ft = 224, 5ft = 160 holes, and 3ft = 096 holes. Options are available for finish and style.

STROCO's receptacle strips qualify to the requirements of MIL-F-25173 and are based on dimensions and applications referenced in MS25213 and MS25212.

Data Sheets

Receptacle Strip

S2605IVD 100* Angle Strip
S2700 Edge Mount Strip
S2800 Right Angle Strip
S2805 Right Angle Strip
S2905A Right Angle Strip

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